This is my upcoming Talk at Building Maintenance Conference 2016 (21-22 Sept., 2016) at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. You can download the slides here .screenshot_17

Facilities Management need to transform or else they will be left behind. They are in a real need to improve the efficiency of their assets.

  1. Improving reliability and efficiency
  2. Ensuring operational continuity
  3. Managing the increasing complexity of buildings
  4. Merging legacy building and systems
  5. Maintaining aging infrastructure
  6. Improving reporting and compliance
  7. The challenge of “doing more with less.”

I am also invited to be the last minute Panelist for the last panel discussion of the day – “Management Insight: Managers Need to Lead, Guide, Direct“. It reminds me of an article which I recently wrote on the “Are You Embracing IoT The Right Way? The Top 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts“.

Here’re the 10 DO’s:

  1. Have an IoT plan
  2. Have an IoT budget
  3. Understand the impact of IoT
  4. Get a CEO buy-in
  5. Change the process
  6. Get the right people
  7. Try IoT app even its small
  8. Learn from others
  9. Believe in IOT – Be entrepreneurial
  10. DO before others DO

The 10 DON’Ts

  1. Procrastinate
  2. Think it’s simple to catch-up
  3. Leave your assets alone non-monitored
  4. Work in silos
  5. Belief IT is the only department responsible for implementing IoT
  6. Think IoT is just a “technology push.”
  7. Wait for some form of IoT Blueprint to launch their own solution
  8. Depend on only the government to start IoT initiatives
  9. Minus your IoT budget from the Company’s equation
  10. Let your competitor take the lead

The list above is the reflection of real and visionary leadership. The ones that are very entrepreneurial and willing to take risks. Innovative leaders who choose to lead rather than become followers. Willing to learn and listen from others. Ability to chart their destiny and committed to ensuring the survival of their companies. Understand that the barriers need to be broken down, and information flow must be seamless.

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader and CEO of REDtone IOT,. You can reach him on LinkedIn at or Twitter at . For further details, check out


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