Here’re the experiences of three Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) interns during their internship in REDtone IOT between February to July 2016.

Luqman Ramli

Project objectives

screenshot_04.pngThere were two projects given to me throughout this internship period. The first project was to create a function to detect the location of the web users using their ip-address for web skinning. From there, I had to create fourteen layers of interface that resembled the states in Malaysia. The objective of this task was to have a unique interface for CitiSense portal according to the location of the user. Furthermore, it allows advertisements targeted users in certain states.

The second project given was to further enhance the current CitiAct Dashboard interface design by integrating Human Computer Interaction (HCI) elements and further improve on making it more engaging and interactive.

Being an Intern with REDtone IOT Sdn. Bhd has helped me developed and learned many things. The past months have been very instructive for me. I have observed various professional activities shown by the staffs and learnt their way of working. When I first started, there were various things that I was not familiar with. Halfway my internship, I improved a lot compared to the first months. Searching most of the things on my own, observing and clarify certain matters with the staffs really helped me a lot – Luqman Ramli

Tan Win Shern

Project objectives:

screenshot_02Users will report the road condition through CitiAct mobile application whether it’s good, moderate or bad. The report contained the following information: user’s name, time, address, latitude and longitude of the reported road condition, road rating and etc. The location of the reported road condition supposed to be on the road since the user is reporting it on the road itself. But there are occurrences that the location sent seems to be off the road or besides the road. This will happened due to device failure or GPS inaccuracy. Thus, the objectives of the project are:

  1. To snap the report coordinates back to the road where it supposed to be.
  2. To illustrate the reported coordinates on the map.
  3.  To calculate the road rating of the affected segments of road.

Being an intern in Redtone IOT Sdn. Bhd. is one of the remarkable moments that I can ever had during my academic pursue. Redtone IOT provide me the opportunity to learn a lot of things my own and guidance from mentor and trust us enough to try new things even though we are just interns. We also have the chance to share our thoughts and perspective during brainstorming and presentation session – Tan Win Shern

Athimahendran Panneerselvam

Problem Statement

  1.  Difficulty To Classify The Roads
  2.  Difficulty To Find The Road Operator


  1.  To Provide A Simple Portal To View The Detail Of The Roads
  2.  Able To Classify The Road
  3.  Identify The Road Maintainer


I had been exposed to the working life style. Throughout my internship, I could understand more about the definition of an IOT developer and prepared myself to become a responsible and innovative person in future. Along my training period, I realized that observation is a main element to find out the root cause of a problem. Not only for my project but daily activities too – Athimahendran



The REDtone IOT Team


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