How-To Develop a Smart Garbage Collection



Finding a Solution to Your Unattended Garbage Issue

This will be the start of a series of “How-To” articles to develop IoT solutions. We will initiate the series with the problem of “Unattended Garbage” that posed a lot of complaints regarding the cleanliness and might cause the outbreak of diseases.


Unattended Garbage Issues

Value is created when you make sense of the right data. But before we start deploying sensors, we also need to define the business problems and the pain points from different stakeholders. Probably you need to gather a team from various stakeholders or maybe you can start defining yourself and later validate with stakeholders later.


Defining the Right Problem Statement

Problem Statement

  1. Who is collecting the garbage?
  2. What is the status of garbage bin?
  3. When was the garbage collected?
  4. Where is the location of full bins?
  5. How to plan the route of the trucks?
  6. How many days till the next collection?
  7. How much garbage is produced in an area?
  8. Why is the garbage truck not picking up garbage?
  9. Why is a particular area producing more garbage?


  1. Garbage level sensors on garbage bins and garbage trucks
  2. GPS on garbage trucks
  3. Network infrastructure (Wifi, 3G)
  4. IOT Middleware
  5. Visualization dashboard
  6. Analytics

This is by no means a comprehensive step-by-step solution but it will help you to start your exciting journey in developing your own IoT solution. Feel free to add your suggestions.

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