Dr. Mazlan and FAVORIOT Joins the Global Vision Board (GBV)

May 12, 2017Dr. Mazlan was invited to join the 100 Global Visionaries to Global Vision Board today. FAVORIOT and Smart Cities Innovation Lab (Smart iLab) also signed an MOU for a long-term partnership to collaborate in SMART CITY projects.


Dr. Mazlan Abbas_Formal Invitation.jpg
Exclusive Invitation to Global Vision Board (GBV)


screenshot_01.jpgGlobal Vision Board (GVB) is an international group of intellectual stakeholders comprising members from cities, academia, industry, SMEs and other organizations in the world.

The role of the Visionaries is to provide on-going expertise on developing the market for smart city products & services, and how these can be used to enable cities to meet the challenges they face. GVB members can be considered as a unique talent pool for the organization and for any potential projects to help new market penetrations, to encourage partnerships at all levels and to promote professional recognition at a global scale.


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Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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