I will be presenting another Talk on how IoT impact the Facility Manager’s role in the future. It will be at Building Maintenance 2017 Conference at Istana Hotel 23-24 August 2017.


After the Talk, we will be having a panel session on the topic of “How Can Facility Managers Promote Employee Engagement and Productivity”

  • How to improve employee involvement
  • Helping employee work smarter
  • Shaping the work environment – make sure the working environment is safe
  • Turning the FM department into an exemplary team
  • Foster connections with colleagues
  • Let employees create their own titles
  • The Facility Manager of Tomorrow: How mobility & IoT are transforming the Industry

You can download the slides from – HERE.


Talk at Istana Hotel


Panel Session with fellow panelist Hj Rozlan Md. Shariff and Moderator Dr. Zul-Atfi



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