As India is making a fast progress directed towards a digital world, making headlines in initiatives like the smart city or a dedicated center of excellence for the Internet of Things.

The country is evidently stepping towards a better-connected world. Indian information technology (IT) services companies now own about two-fifth of the global Internet of Things (IoT) market. In all, about 43 % or $1.5 billion of the global $3.5 Billion market, says a report by research and strategy consultancy Zinnov Zones.

The share in Western Europe and North America is 27 % and 23 %, respectively. And the report has listed TCS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Persistent, Genpact and L&T Technologies among the global leading innovators and market leaders in IoT.

As the Internet of Things is hitting the products and services side of it, creating job opportunities like never before. Statistics below are taken from “IoT India Job Study 2017

IoT India Job Study 2017 Report

IoT Jobs by Cities:

  • In terms of cities, Bengaluru accounts for around 51% of IoT jobs in India.
  • Chennai comes a distant second contributing 15% IoT jobs in India.
  • Approximately 12% of IoT jobs are from Delhi/NCR.

IoT Jobs by Industry:

  • Telecom sector continues to be the biggest influencer in IoT job market. 37% of all jobs posted on IoT were from the Telecom sector.
  • 14% of IoT jobs were in Engineering/ Industrial product/ Utilities sector.
  • Semiconductors / Electronics sector contributes 13% of all IoT jobs.

Experience Requirement by IoT jobs:

  • Around 32% of IoT requirements are looking for candidates with less than 5 years experience.
  • Only 3% IoT jobs are for freshers.
  • 68% IoT job openings are for professionals with more than 5 years job experience.

IoT Jobs by Salaries:

  • The median salaries being offered by advertised IoT jobs in India is INR 6.1 Lakh/ annum. Advertised salaries tend to be lower than actual salaries.
  • 34% of all IoT jobs offer a salary range of 3 to 6 Lakh, followed by 33% for less than 3 Lakh.
  • Almost 15% of all advertised IoT jobs in India are offering a salary of more than 10 Lakh

There are 10 companies that are hiring IoT professionals in India:

  1. Cisco–  IoT Solutions Architect, Customer Support Engineer- IoT cloud, Software Engineers in IoT connectivity team and IoT Software Platform are some of the positions that Cisco is currently offering to professionals in IoT field.
  2. Amazon– IoT Systems Architect, IoT Solutions Architect, Software Development Engineer- IoT, Backend Web Developer in IoT are few positions at Amazon in the field of IoT.
  3. Wipro– Internet of Things – Component Developer, Predix IoT, Google IoT are few of the areas that hire IoT professionals at Wipro.
  4.  L&T– Solutions Architect- IoT and M2M, IoT Engineer, positions in smart manufacturing services and others are some of the openings in IoT at L&T.
  5. SAP– IoT Architect, IoT Manager, Application Engineer- IoT platform, IoT Expert, Technology consultant for IoT, are few of the openings in IoT at SAP.
  6. Bosch– Bosch hires professionals for various positions such as for Bosch IoT platform, IoT suite and other profiles related to the development of sophisticated IoT applications.
  7. Qualcomm– Web Apps Development Engineer- IoT and IoT Engineers are positioned high in demand at Qualcomm.
  8. IBM– Application Architect, Business Sales, and Delivery Executive, Cloud Architect, Watson IoT Portfolio Marketing Manager are some of the openings in IoT at IBM among others.
  9. GE– It offers Industrial IoT jobs, Software Engineer- IoT, IoT Architect, among others
  10. Accenture– IoT connected vehicle, Application Developer, are a few positions for IoT professionals at Accenture.

Indian IoT Market Overview


[Source: NASSCOM Report] – Indian IoT Market Overview

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