Date: 30 November 2017 @Trity Technologies, Puchong, Selangor

Fee at RM 749 per person (HRDF claimable) through registration to
by providing your particulars and contact number. Alternatively, you may select on the Here.

We will give away the Scilab IoT Module for Favoriot, free access to Favoriot for 1 Year (beginner’s plan) and the Arduino Uno & Gadgets for your continuous development.

To obtain further information on this 1-day training, click on the following link:

This course is designed to make the learning of IoT fun, with a high-level programming language (Scilab) which is easily learned but yet powerful to produce a fast prototype of an IoT project.

Together with Trity IoT module, we would show how Scilab could be used in a various subdomain of the IoT, from being part of the “things”, to the data analysis and visualization.

The participant would have the chance to build their own prototype of smart sensors and also getting the data submitted to the cloud services (FAVORIOT) and retrieved the data for analysis, both using Scilab as the main interface.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed Anyone who would like to embrace computer vision by making use of the Raspberry Pi, engineers, researchers and scientists and alike for their application and interests.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

Our courses may be submitted to HRDF for SBL claims. Kindly check with your Human Resource Department or Training Unit.  Alternatively, we could also assist to advise you on your HRDF application.

Training Outline

Getting Started with Scilab for IOT

  • Introduction to IoT, from the “things” to the middleware.
  • Understanding REST API and JSON.
  • How Scilab could fit into the subdomains of IoT
  • Interaction with FAVORIOT
  • Hands-on practical 1: Software installation on PC
  • Hands-on practical 2: Understanding API by example.

Sensors and Devices in IOT

  • Introduction on the “Thing”
  • Turning Arduino into a DAQ as a fast prototype (No coding in Arduino involved)
  • Hands-on practical 3: Building a prototype of Smart Sensor with Scilab.

Sending Data to the Cloud

  • Getting data from sensors and send the data to the cloud
  • Hands-on practical 4: Connecting Arduino to Scilab and using Scilab as the station to upload the data to FAVORIOT

Getting Data from the Cloud

  • Getting data from FAVORIOT with Trity’s Scilab IoT module
  • Hands-on practical 5: Using Trity’s Scilab IoT module to extract the data uploaded to the FAVORIOT previously

 Project: Building A Simple IoT System with Scilab and FAVORIOT

Contact: HERE

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