Industrial Revolution 4.0 : Generation-IoT

[Originally from Fatin Najwa’s FB post]

Calling all FKEE students! Join us & become a Generation Internet of Things (Gen-IoT) UTHM. Don’t miss out to be a part of IoT World. You will get firsthand experience to develop a fast IoT project and connect your devices to the Favoriot platform!

The best part, you are going to present your project/pitching ideas in front of Dr. Mazlan Abbas, the Co-Founder of Favoriot!

21/11/2017 (9am – 12 noon) : Hands-on workshop on IoT
28/11/2017 (3.30pm-5.30pm) : Pitching ideas

Come and join us! Only limited to 30 students (1 group of 5 people MAXIMUM)!

Fill in this form to be a part of Gen-IoT!


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