Favorwatch – Limited Users


Download Favorwatch Android app – https://buff.ly/2AEU3Qr
You can view real data by Login via “Access Code” with the following details:

Username: DrMazlan
Access Code: 525821

Note: You can’t change the settings but can still view other features of Favorwatch.
Download NOW – ONLY limited users logins


  • Heart Rate / Steps Counter
  • Fall down detection
  • Location tracking
  • Wandering management with alert
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Alarms: SOS (button), fall-down, geo-fence, low battery and belt-on/off
  • Standby time up to a week (conditions apply)
  • Tracking SMS/GPRS/TCP
  • Personal data stored in Cloud
  • Favorwatch Mobile App for configuration, management, and monitoring
  • Allow extra “carers” to monitor as secondary users

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