Favorwatch – A Peek for Early Adopters

Due to limited stock for the upcoming launch, we have selected you to take a peek and a demo/tour of the product at our Office in Puchong.

If you wish to set an appointment to view the product and understand how the service works, please contact us at

You can also make the reservation of Favorwatch since we have limited units in stock.

Here’s the summary of what you can do with Favorwatch:

  • Heart Rate / Steps Counter
  • Fall down detection
  • Location tracking
  • Wandering management with alert
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Alarms: SOS (button), fall-down, geo-fence, low battery and belt-on/off
  • Standby time up to a week (conditions apply)
  • Tracking SMS/GPRS/TCP
  • Personal data stored in Cloud
  • Favorwatch Mobile App for configuration, management, and monitoring
  • Allow extra “carers” to monitor as secondary users

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Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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