MQTT websocket allows the browser to receive messages directly from a server as new messages arrive. Favoriot platform has enabled this feature that allows data to be stored, and the same time delivered to the MQTT client that subscribe to the same topic (a bi-directional communication). This is an important feature for the following use cases.

  • Display live data from a device
  • Receive alert and notifications
  • Communicate effectively with a mobile phone application

*The data will be delivered “as-it-is” basis.

The Communication Architecture

How to configure?

Sending / publish data

Use the following configuration to setup your device to send / publish data.

Host :

Websocket Port : 3000

Use your Read-write API-Key as username and password to connect to the platform.

ClientID (for some MQTT clients): Any name

Publish : {Your-API-Key}/*

Example : {Your-API-Key}/Home/Temperature

Receive / subscribe

Use to the following configuration to receive / subscribe

Subscribe : {Your-API-Key}/*

Example : {Your-API-Key}/Home/Temperature

Whenever a new data arrives at the Favoriot MQTT websocket, the same data will then be pushed to the subscriber/s.

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