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The new technology today has made the things become smart which they can communicate with each other and produce the effective product such as the smart home or smart office system. Human ability is very limited as it is difficult to monitor the security and safety of the office 24 hours per day. Unauthorized access to the office has led to many dangerous cases such as loss of expensive computers as well as equipment. In order to prevent and avoid the problem from happening, the IoT-based security system is one of the promising effective solutions which allow the user to monitor the person entering and exiting the office in real-time anytime and anywhere.

In addition, the system also can prevent from any unauthorized access into the building as the system only allow the specific or authorized person to enter the house or office. In addition, the control system is proposed to provide the control system for the office electrical component such as lamp, fan and air condition. This idea is to allow the user control their electrical component on or off from any time and anywhere. The control system can allow the user to monitor and control the electrical component by IOT-based that connect the component to the internet.

The proposed IoT system three main parts: the things, the cloud, and the network. The system will include a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader, processing unit board, alarm, magnetic lock, automation lamp, the bell, and gateway. The Raspberry Pi 3 will be used as the gateway for the system and also as processing unit board. For the cloud including the server, database, enterprise services (dashboard) and the interconnection between it, FAVORIOT IoT platform will be used.

[NOTE: This is project is being done by UTM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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