The event was held on 1-2 August 2018 at Klagan Regency Grand Ballroom, 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu. The theme for this year focused on “Fourth Industrial Revolution – Quest for Wisdom“.

My session was in the afternoon with two other panelists Pn. Marsineh Jarmin, Mantan I-IMATEC, and En. Azhar Bin Mad Nayan, Technical Advisor PSDC. The moderator is Cik Norti Hj. Sirin discussing on “Fourth Industrial Revolution – Issues and Cyber Threat“.

Personally, I felt that Cyber Threat is not only about security and privacy of our data but the threat can be to the existing jobs – making them obsolete. That feeling of job insecurity will have an impact on the speed of the digital transformation process. People tend to “take their own sweet time” to make things happen.

On other aspects of making IR4.0 more secured, I pointed out that “a chain is no stronger than the weakest link” whereby we can secure all layers of the 7-Layers of OSI (Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application) but if it involves not securing the Passwords itself, it can open up to further hacking and stealing of data.

Overall, it is a good step forward for Sabah to begin it’s IR 4.0 education and creating more awareness. The biggest challenge for such an industrial revolution is the balance between moving forward fast and ensuring others are not left behind. In a big State like Sabah, the bridging the digital divide issue needs to be tackled too. Many areas require basic infrastructure such as water, electricity and Internet connectivity before we can even introduce IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI, VR/AR, Blockchain among others.


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