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United Kingdom (July 31, 2018) – APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2018 Malaysian Business Awards.

The 2018 Malaysian Business Awards recognize and acknowledge the enterprises, business and key players within this developing and industrious region.

Kaven Cooper, Awards Co-ordinator, commented on the awards and discussed the hard work and commitment of their deserving winners: “We have only awarded those companies and individuals who have been instrumental in leading to the success of Malaysia’s vibrant and booming business culture. In their inaugural year, the Malaysian Business Awards commend Malaysian businesses and individuals, both large and small, covering a vast variety of industries and sectors. All of my winners deserve congratulations and I personally am looking forward to hearing more about their success in the future.

FAVORIOT was awarded as “BEST IoT-Startup 2018” under one of the 2018 Malaysian Business Awards categories.

A link to the supplement and full recipient list HERE.

The 2018 Malaysian Business Awards’ press release, which can be found HERE.

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