Mohamad Ariffin Zulkifli – IoT Specialist

This is the first of many articles featuring some of Malaysian IoT individuals who helped the Nation in building new Generation-IoT. The first to be interviewed is Mohamad Ariffin Zulkfli , an IoT Specialist from Myinvent Enterprise that runs an Electronic and IoT Marketplace called  was established in 2009 to provide services to the local education institutions, R&D centres and hobbyist to source and import sensors, training kits and components that are not available in Malaysia. Their business starts to grow as more customers use their services. To cater to the growing needs of their customers, they went into distributorship with some of the suppliers. This allow to offer a wider range of products. A full feature web store was subsequently setup to promote their products and to service the retail customers.

Tell about your background (family and education)

I am from Pontian, Johor. My father, exposed to me the world of electronic and programming during my age of 15 years old. Then, during Upper Secondary I chose to study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Pontian (Now: Kolej Matrikulasi Teknikal Johor). Then further my study at Johor Matriculation College taking Physics Science Study and continued pursuing Bachelor Degree at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Industrial Chemistry. Technology is what I liked the most and I love to experience it by trial and learn.

Why do you choose IoT as your career?

I chose IoT as my career, because I love the revolution of technology and technology advancement. Next is to leverage IoT with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What are the biggest challenges in doing IoT training?

The only challenge I face is when the venue doesn’t have Internet connectivity. It’s kinda funny in this era, but it happen.

Who are your customers and how do you reach out to them.

They are private companies such as factory, government agencies and makers.

Who inspires you to become what you are today?

My parents and people around me.

What’s your future plans in expanding the business?

Reach out more people to learn IoT and technology advancement.

What are your views regarding Industry 4.0 in Malaysia?

Today, I can see there are good movement among private companies, government agencies and both can collaborate towards Industry 4.0, so to me it is positive.

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