As Malaysia is moving towards Industry 4.0, one individual grab the opportunity to become one of the leading players in this industry. His name is Cheng Boon Seng, CEO and Director of Elliance Sdn Bhd.

Elliance has the mission to become the leader in the field of IR 4.0 Consultancy and Solutions Provider for the local industries by providing consultancy, implementation process, smooth transition and fast adaptation in IR 4.0 paradigm shift.

Tell about your background (family and education)

I graduated at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in year 1995, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Microelectronics from Campbell University, USA. I am married with 3 young kids.

Can you share the background of how you started up your Company?

Elliance was formed in 2011 but was stagnant until we took over it at Year 2016 and transformed it into Industry 4.0 consultancy & solutions providers, now we have 25 full time employees, actively helping our clients to implement Industry 4.0 projects in their plants.

Can you share with us the uniqueness of your Company?

We are unique because we have a good understanding of the Industry 4.0 Technology and good connections amongst industry players and government organizations, which allows us to integrate ourselves as a solid and unique player in the industry.

What is the potential that you see in this industry? How would you expand in your Company?

The potential of Industry 4.0 is that there aren’t a lot of solution providers and/or consultants who are readily available in the market. Therefore, it is a potential opportunity for our Company to quickly establish our reputation and branding in order to expand in this industry.

What made you choose to involve in this industry?

Perhaps it’s due to my passion & interest on the IoT, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence technologies & would like to see the industry leveraging these technologies to move up the value chain.

What are the biggest challenges in doing IoT business?

The biggest challenges in doing IoT businesses is the resources and budget needed to perform Research and Development on new technology. Trial and errors are a part of new developments, and the challenge is to balance out the budget for new developments as well as the budget for existing products.

Who are your customers and how do you reach out to them?

Our customers range from SMEs to MNCs that wishes to upgrade themselves to be Industry 4.0 Compliant. We reach out to them through email marketing as well as getting our presence known in networking events that brings together industry players.

Who inspires you to become what you are today?

My parents, my dad is a hard working person, my mum is very adventurous & like to explore new things, I guess I am greatly influenced by them.

What’s your future plans in expanding the business?

We are planning to expand our business overseas, starting from South East Asia. We have conducted business trips and expeditions to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, and recently even landing an Industry 4.0 project in Vietnam. We are confident that we would be able to realize this goal of ours.

What are your views regarding Industry 4.0 in Malaysia?

Still in infancy stage, most of the industry players do aware of Industry 4.0 but lack of clear understanding of it.

If you had one piece of advice to youngsters just starting out or just step into working life, what would it be?

Embrace the attitude life-long learning as technologies are fast changing & one needs to keep up with it in order to advance well in their career.

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