Jom Pakai IoT Series

  1. IoT as a Business – Where Do We Start
  2. How to Develop Smart Buildings or Offices Using IoT
  3. Why Building IoT Solution is Not That Straightforward
  4. Do We Need Another National IoT Strategic Roadmap
  5. Do You Really Need 5G in IoT Market
  6. When Can We Use Drones to Deliver Parcels
  7. IoT Platform and IoT Ecosystem
  8. Kuching IoT
  9. IoT in the Universities
  10. IoT in Your House
  11. Trust in IoT
  12. What’s the Big Deal in IoT
  13. Abusing the Word IoT
  14. Can IoT Detect Potholes
  15. Construction Revolution 4.0
  16. Which Era is Our Parking System
  17. 3 Things You Need to Know About Robots
  18. Overcoming the Challenges of Becoming IR 4.0
  19. Introduction to Favorsense
  20. Will IoT and IR 4.0 take Our Jobs
  21. Mengimbas Kembali IoT di Malaysia Pada Tahun 2019
  22. IoT is the Main Core Platform for IR 4.0
  23. IoT Middleware – The Critical Missing Component in the IoT Value Chain
  24. To Create Highly Demand IoT Talents By Becoming a Producer Based Nation
  25. IoT Applications in The Universities
  26. The Easiest Way to Understand IoT Via 7 Layers of OSI
  27. Smart City – Making the Invisible Visible
  28. Parking 4.0
  29. How Startups Can Capitalise on IoT’s Co-Economy
  30. 2019 IoT Predictions – Reflections
  31. The Business Models of a Smart City
  32. How IoT Can Detect Corruption
  33. Living Smart
  34. IoT Platform – Build or Buy
  35. How to Start The IoT Journey 
  36. Monetising Digital Services – Where’s the Profit?
  37. An Introduction to IoT in Sports
  38. Living in the Era of 4th Industrial Revolution (TEDx)
  39. The Fourth Leap Interview
  40. How IoT Can Become Your Travel Companions?
  41. RAQIB vs D’scover – Learn How to Pivot Our IoT Business
  42. Smart Hajj Using Technology to Help Your Ultimate Journey
  43. D’scover for Vacation
  44. Current IoT State in Malaysia
  45. Harnessing the Power of IoT
  46. Harnessing the Power of IoT (Demo)
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