The industry has slowly transform from industry 1.0 and 2.0 to industry 3.0 and industry 4.0. The growing of the industry is become more towards to the world of internet, the use of Internet of Thing (IoT). So, there is a need to upgrade the manufacturing application in the University so that student can catch up to the growth of the industry. The current problem facing by the manufacturing lab in University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is lack of monitoring system in which the person in charge and the students can use for monitoring the condition of the application. Therefore, an idea with the objective to develop temperature and vibration monitoring system for smart manufacturing application as to use online database to store information from the developed sensors and to develop mobile apps to access information from integrated sensors and online database is proposed. In this project, Arduino Uno is used to connect all the sensors and NodeMCU is used to send the data from Arduino to database. Temperature sensor used is DHT 22 while vibration sensors used is ADXL-335 3-axis accelerometer. The cloud is Favoriot to store the temperature data while the mobile application is created using MIT App Inventor which connect with Favoriot database as the medium to store and retrieve data from the mobile application. This project has successfully created in which all the data from the sensor can be upload to the cloud and stored accurately, user can access the data from Favoriot to view the temperature data and also user can use MIT App Inventor in the mobile phone to view the data.

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