As with most new technologies, the first movers are the big winners or can lead the game. However, they are also the ones that will be hit by roadblocks because of the move without a proper map. Take a look at 9 common pitfalls that the companies faced when starting their IoT journey. We can provide advice on how to avoid them at all costs.

  1. Lack of clear business impact – If this has not been thought thoroughly in the planning stage and the actual pain points have not been clearly identified, you might deploy a solution that will not have a high impact.
  2. Lack of C-suite sponsorship – You need a Champion that believes in the vision that can help to break down any barriers and also give support whenever needed.
  3. Lack of solid tech foundation – Some said IoT is a complex “animal”. It is comprised of many components that require the right expertise to give you proper advice,
  4. Lack of Platform standardization – Avoid having too many platforms or systems that are proprietary because this will lead to systems interoperability issues and data being stored in silos. You can check out the FAVORIOT IoT platform which is a developer-friendly platform-as-a-service.
  5. Lack of data science – It’s all about collecting data and making sense of the data. You need the right expertise to help you understand and derive insights.
  6. Lack of top-down implementation – Look at the use case first before starting to develop solutions. Otherwise, it can become a technology that trying to find the problem.
  7. Lack of flexibility – With IoT, many legacy systems and processes need to be changed. The old mindset and way of doing things will never be the same again.
  8. Lack of in-house expertise – If you don’t have the right expertise to do in-house, it’s better to stay focused on your business and get an external party to help you build the solution.
  9. Lack of restraint – Sometimes if you do too much too soon, you might scale wrongly. Think big start small – we call this the crawl, walk, run method. Prove the value of IoT before you scale.

Check out the short video below for a detailed explanation.

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