How to Start Your Journey in Building Your First IoT Project

Maybe by today, you have reached the stage of understanding what exactly is IoT, what are the benefits of IoT, what are the main components of IoT or its architecture, what IoT applications can solve business issues, and what are the necessary skills required to start your IoT project.

However, the main question remained – how to start that journey in building your first IoT project?

There are two kinds of approaches that you can choose, and many of the IoT training will focus heavily on one of them – approach via the perspectives of hardware or the perspectives of software/applications. If you wish to design your IoT device, you will probably want to know more about electronics, sensors, firmware programming, and communications module. But if you wish to focus on the applications side, you might want to know how to extract data from sensors, send data to the cloud and use the data to create beautiful dashboards or get better insights into the analytics.

FAVORIOT Approach Towards IoT Project

FAVORIOT has developed an IoT middleware (IoT Platform) to help users rapidly develop their IoT applications by simplifying the collection of data from their IoT devices and also give the right tools for the IoT developers to create their dashboards quickly or integrate to their external analytics engine which they would like to process separately.

Thus, FAVORIOT provides different training modules from Fundamental and Advanced to Specialist to take a structured journey for people who want to learn, teach, build or deploy an IoT solution. The trainers from FAVORIOT are the core people that architect and build the IoT platform themselves. Thus, it’s better to learn from the experts.

We will not focus on building the IoT devices but will use the available IoT kit or hardware in the market and will then focus on teaching you the steps to collect, aggregate, and use the data for developing your own IoT application.

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About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader, and CEO of FAVORIOT.  He is very passionate to build a Generation IoT of the future. And currently, his company, Favoriot, is offering a FREE IoT platform subscription to start your IoT journey simply and rapidly.

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