Kuala Lumpur (Dec. 6, 2022) — CBT announced their second annual Top 100 IoT Influencer Award Winners, naming [name, title, company] to the list of who to follow on social media. Dr. Mazlan Abbas was selected based on his industry standing, reach, credentials, influence, engagement, and content, all of which shaped the direction of IoT. The global Internet of Things (IoT) market size is forecasted to be $478 billion in 2022, with an expected CAGR of 26.4% through 2029, according to Fortune Business Intelligence. IoT technologies function as the global infrastructure for our information society, enabling advanced services to interconnect things based on existing and evolving communication technologies. CBT is an industry leader in implementing award-winning IoT solutions at scale. Based on CBT’s experience, they have curated a list of the Top IoT Influencers for 2022. The winners are among the pioneering influencers and practitioners driving digital transformation in both the Consumer and Industrial settings. “As a recognized industry advisor and thought leader for IoT, CBT is delighted to share our knowledge and expertise to create this award as a ‘Trustmark’ for the Influencers that we believe are pushing technology forward and shaping the future,” said Rob Schaeffer, President, and COO of CBT. “On behalf of CBT, we congratulate and thank all winners of the second annual IoT Influencer Awards.”

For the IoT adoption to be widespread, the talent for the future needs to be developed now – Dr. Mazlan Abbas

About Favoriot

Favoriot is an IoT Startup company that began its operations in 2017 with the vision to “IoTise all businesses.” Favoriot offers a user-friendly IoT platform that has been used by more than 6700 developers from 121 countries worldwide. Favoriot also offers IoT training from Fundamental to Specialist to create a new “Generation-IoT” to fill the IR 4.0 talent gaps in the country. As a Malaysian-made technology, the Favoriot platform has now been used by the industry, government, and academia.

About CBT

CBT is a premier, woman-owned Domain Expert Integrator breaking the mold of traditional technology solution design. Our digital transformation strategies bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to provide business outcomes across the entirety of an organization. From the CIO to the COO, to Digital Transformation Leadership and everyone in between, we deliver solutions that unite these unique business cultures for collective success in today’s data-driven economy. At CBT, we take our tagline to heart: Delivering Technology with a Human Touch. We put people at the center of our process, products, and technology solutions. With the focus areas of the Internet of Things, IT/OT Convergence, and HPC and Analytics, we’re ready to take your innovation initiatives from ideas to execution. Learn more at http://www.cbtechinc.com.

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