Yesterday, I had the honour of presenting a plenary talk at the National Sensor Technology Forum 2023. Organised by The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) and the Malaysia Society for Sensor Technology Development (SENSOR Malaysia), this forum served as a melting pot of ideas and innovations, bustling with researchers, industry professionals, and policy-makers.

Plenary Talk on Smart Cities

One of the major highlights was a panel session focused on bridging the gap between universities, industry, and government – a timely topic that elicited thoughtful discussions and insights.

In the panel Q&A session, I gave feedback on the importance of focusing on three primary areas.

The first is understanding the market size and achieving a product-market-fit. I emphasized the necessity for researchers to adeptly market their research output. Today, it’s not just about what you create; it’s about how you communicate its value to potential customers. Successful translation of research into market-ready solutions hinges on an in-depth understanding of market needs and demand.

Secondly, I highlighted the importance of a robust ecosystem that transforms innovative sensor technology into viable products and solutions. An effective ecosystem needs to support the researchers, providing them with resources and guidance needed to turn their innovations into tangible products.

Thirdly, I urged the need to convert the Malaysia IoT Strategic Roadmap into actionable plans. Creating a roadmap is just the first step; the real challenge lies in execution. There’s a need for defined ownership, diligent project management, and regular progress monitoring to ensure the success of these action plans. These plans must also articulate quick wins, short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

During my comment, I also drew attention to the Malaysian government’s vision of evolving Malaysia into a “Producer Nation” from a “Consumer Nation”. This transformation will not only provide recognition to our diligent researchers but also boost the growth of our indigenous products. We must leverage our technological prowess to create products that are “Made in Malaysia”, ushering in an era of technological self-sufficiency.

The National Sensor Technology Forum 2023 was a unique platform that offered a holistic view of the sensor technology landscape in Malaysia. The rich insights shared and meaningful connections formed during the event promise to shape the future of sensor technology in the country. As we navigate this exciting journey, I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing innovations our talented researchers will bring to the fore, bridging the gap between academia, industry, and government, and helping Malaysia rise as a global leader in sensor technology.

Panel Session
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