A Glimpse into the IoT Evolution

Remember when the term Industry 4.0 started making rounds in 2011? It wasn’t long before Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum rebranded it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution by 2015. Amidst these fancy terminologies, one common thread stands out – the Internet of Things (IoT). This isn’t just tech jargon; it’s the heartbeat of many marvels we see today, spanning AI, robotics, and the vast realm of big data.

For those who think IoT sprang up overnight – think again! Our very own “IoT godfather,” Kevin Ashton, first introduced the world to “IoT” way back in 1999. However, like all pioneering concepts, it took some technological advances and cost reductions before IoT began to dominate tech conversations in 2015.

Generation-IoT: The New Tech Vanguard

Now that IoT is on everyone’s lips, there’s a rallying cry for innovative minds to shape its future. Enter “Generation-IoT.” These aren’t just enthusiasts; they are visionaries who are ready to bring the promise of IoT to fruition.

Wondering who fits the Generation-IoT mold? Maciej Kranz sheds some light:

  1. Trailblazers First: They are the pioneers, shaping the contours of IoT.
  2. Eternal Learners: Embracing risks, they excel in creating virtual and real-world alliances.
  3. Beyond Labels: You can’t box them by age or job titles. Instead, they shine through their agility in churning out innovative solutions.
  4. Optimistic Trendsetters: They’re the spirited force, converting challenges into opportunities.
  5. Business Visionaries: With a deep understanding, they recognize how IoT can redefine traditional business.
  6. Change Agents: Committed to their mission, they steer transformative changes within their organizations.
  7. Embarking on the IoT Odyssey: For them, IoT isn’t a passing phase but a continual journey.
  8. Adaptive Thinkers: Recognizing the dynamic nature of tech, they’re always in learning mode, ready to adapt.

Empowering the IoT Torchbearers

If we’re placing our bets on Generation-IoT to revolutionize industries, it’s crucial to equip them with the right arsenal. The cornerstone of this empowerment is comprehensive training. They need to be adept at using tools like IoT middleware, which acts as the bridge between hardware and software.

As these tech wizards craft devices and explore connections to various platforms, they should be proficient in extracting data for groundbreaking applications, including machine learning. And while there’s a plethora of IoT platforms to choose from, they have the freedom to innovate and maybe even create their own.

To sum it up, the horizon of the future is illuminated with connected possibilities, and leading the way is Generation-IoT!

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