From September 11th to 13th, Favoriot, conducted a hands-on training for the lecturers of the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI). This three-day extensive workshop was crafted with a clear objective: to bridge the knowledge gap and build expertise in the rapidly evolving IoT arena.

Day 1: Laying the Foundations of IoT

The inaugural day started with a swift registration process, leading to an insightful onboarding session. Here, participants were provided an overview of what to expect in the coming days. The morning was packed with intensive lectures introducing the IoT landscape, its ecosystem, and critical components. As we moved ahead, the discussion shifted to LoRa & LoRaWAN, setting the context for upcoming sessions. The day concluded with a hands-on exposure to the Favoriot IoT Platform, allowing participants to navigate through user profiles, API key management, and more.

Day 2: Beyond Basics – Delving into Data Reception

Post a succinct recap of Day 1, attendees ventured deep into the technical aspects of IoT. They received firsthand experience with the LoRa Shield on Raspberry Pi, including the gateway and Python code using MQTT. The practical approach continued as participants learned how to retrieve data seamlessly from various sensors.

Day 3: Analyze, Visualize, and Realize the IoT Potential

The last day of training was an analytical roller coaster. Following a brief recap of Day 2, the stage was set for data analysis. Attendees got their hands dirty with Python Libraries and honed their skills in importing and manipulating data using Pandas. Post a well-deserved lunch break, the focus shifted to data transmission, specifically from Raspberry Pi to the Favoriot Platform. This was complemented with lectures and practice on creating IoT dashboards, graphs, and rule-setting on the Favoriot platform.

As the day neared its end, participants dived into advanced data visualization using Matplotlib and touched upon the significance of Data Analytics & AI. The session rounded off with advanced data manipulation using Pandas and an introduction to the essentials of Python programming, including tools like Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook.

Key Takeaways and Outcomes:

  1. Foundational Understanding: Comprehensive knowledge on the IoT ecosystem and its myriad components.
  2. Platform Proficiency: In-depth hands-on exposure to the Favoriot IoT Platform, including API management and dashboard creation.
  3. Technical Expertise: Skills on utilizing the LoRa Shield on Raspberry Pi, data retrieval from sensors, and Python programming.
  4. Data Mastery: Proficiency in data analysis using Python Libraries, with a focus on Pandas for data manipulation.
  5. Visualization Skills: Profound understanding of data visualization using Matplotlib and dashboard management on Favoriot.
  6. Futuristic Insights: An introduction to the world of Data Analytics & AI, setting the context for future explorations.

In a rapidly digitizing world, such trainings are not a luxury but a necessity. Kudos to Favoriot for taking the initiative and to GMI staff for their enthusiastic participation. As the boundaries between the digital and physical world continue to blur, workshops like these ensure that institutions like GMI remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

Contact Favoriot to get more details about Favoriot IoT trainings.

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