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Mazlan Abbas

Questions that we need to ask:
(1) Who are the tourists?
(2) When is the peak period?
(3) Where did they frequently go?
(4) What interests them?
(5) How to attract more tourists and spend more in Malaysia?
(6) Why some tourists spots did not attract high number of tourists?
(7) ….and more…

All of the above can be answered by using Big Data Analytics. But you need noth data from Social media and Sensor data.

Sensors – Tags for ID, location (GPS),etc…

Stakeholders need to be identified – (1) Tourists (2) Government (3) Tourists Spots (4) Shop owners (5) Tourists opertators

Questions by different stakeholders and their priorities can be different. Once identified the agreed questions, you can start to select the right sensors and place at the right locations.

The question posed is too broad to come out with the right solution.

(1) Open Data
(2) A lot of tourist spots are historical and difficult to place fixed infrastructure (normally will be wireless)
(3) Business model – who pays for the services.
(4) Other challenges will be identified once we know who will be the end customer.

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