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    My experience in getting a Japanese conglomerate boss to sign an Agreement without words on an A4 piece of paper to start a project vs. multiple presentations and proposals but the project never took off.

    Keep a look out on this but feel free to share your experiences and what projects are you keen on.

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    Mazlan Abbas

    That’s why I shorten the process with just a simple NDA first to start a project. Some organizations wanted MOU with signing ceremony but very rare we can see the projects took off.

    I would like to suggest a discussion on what works and what don’t. In reality, money talks too. But why can;t we start with small projects. Nothing beat a success story.

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    I hope to get registered users on this (full title):

    How to get IoTers and non-IoTers working on projects benefitting customers and the projects proposal will be approved.
    A lot of times discussions were made but none were carried out. The longer things go on, we will have what was in IT bubble burst per Friedman’s The World is Flat.

    Registered users who are non-IoTers and IoTers must grasp the Opportunities today, not later, to make IoT work but more so, how to get the jobs approved immediately and carried out with needs and expectations of customers immediately filled (per ISO 9001:2015).

    NDA even by email is a good indicator but may not be legally strong enough compared to payment in advance, % of actual work done and charges for these works.

    It is something all business-people have to be mindful and to work with the right partners if we can find them in a 98% fishing bowl that all the fishes do are waiting to be hooked up and do nothing else.

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      Mazlan Abbas

      Due to desperation, many people tend to get into bad business ethics of “stabbing in the back”, “hijack projects”, “bribery”.
      No wonder people are wary of working together. The moment we have trust, we can work faster. But when you get Legal(lawyers) to look into your Agreement, it will take longer than expected.

      How do find the trustworthy partners? IoT is something very new and new players. Many don’t have track records.

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