Registration of Interest – Business Partner

Use cases of RAQIB:

  1. Hajj/Umrah
  2. Elderly Care / Healthcare Monitoring
  3. Tourists
  4. Outdoor Sports
  5. Employee Monitoring

I wish to become your partner to sell RAQIB. Please ask your representative to contact me. Thanks!

RAQIB Resources

  1. RAQIB Website
    1. Sign-up as a RAQIB Referral
    2. RAQIB Wearable and Mobile App User Manual)
  2. RAQIB Youtube Channel
    1. RAQIB Official Video (English)
    2. RAQIB Official Video (BM)
    3. RAQIB Mobile App
    4. RAQIB Animated Video
    5. Unboxing of RAQIB
    6. HOW-TO Find a RAQIB User
    7. Introduction to RAQIB Video by Dr. Mazlan
    8. Perjalanan Haji Seorang Jemaah RAQIB
  3. RAQIB Facebook Page
  4. RAQIB Articles
    1. RAQIB – Solution to Care and “Watch” The Pilgrims During Hajj and Umrah
    2. RAQIB Is The Companion You Need During Your Hajj and Umrah
    3. RAQIB – Your Hajj and Umrah Companion
    4. RAQIB Special Offer – Limited Time
    5. RAQIB – Promotional Offer!
    6. RAQIB – The Hajj Tracker
  5. RAQIB – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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