Webinar – Innovating Internet of Thing Solutions with Design Thinking


Over the recent years, there have been many innovative technologies introduced and this have made tremendous impact to the way we live.  One such disruptive technology, Internet of Things (IoT), was first mentioned by Kevin Ashton, co-founder of Auto-ID Centre at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). IoT is currently deployed in various sectors ranging from agriculture, manufacturing, and smart cities. Early IoT developers and solution providers often struggle to understand the IoT ecosystem and use the right components it to build an IoT solution.  This session is an introductory to a successful deployment of IoT solutions.

Presenter: Dr. Gopinath Rao

Dr. Gopinath Rao Sinniah is the CTO and Co-Founder of Favoriot Sdn Bhd, a start-up focusing on IoT Platform and Solutions. He has architected many IoT solutions in current and previous organizations. He has many years of experiences in various IT industries, with the focus on Research and Development. An expert in IPv6 and Internet of Things and a Leader in standardization forums, locally and internationally. He is currently the Chairman of Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group under Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Berhad (MTSFB). His key role in the IoT WG is to promote IoT, create and adopt IoT standards that can be used in Malaysia. He has also authored several conference and journal papers, patents in the field of networking and computer science. He had conducted training and consultations in IoT, and IPv6.

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