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Human detection and tracking system are one of the most fundamental tasks in computer vision field where motion detection and tracking are coupled to locate human through the video captured by an observer (installed camera). Optical flow algorithm is one of the methods that used to analyze the path of pixels and reflects and the apparent changes of the targeted moving object between previous and current locations. It is frequently applied in human detection and tracking system since it is easier to be applied to input sources and variations-effective. However, detecting humans in sequences of frames or even in a real-time video is still very challenging due to their appearance variations and different poses adoptions.

Security is becoming the main concern of society in urban cities since the scarcity of jobs raise, which indicates that property of residents is being threatened by thefts and destruction. Traditional surveillance systems need human operators to differentiate all activities and behaviors of objects for forensic investigation purpose and require significant judgment and decision for an event happening, there is a probability of mistake due to a long period of passive watching which results in negligence. Besides, a huge amount of data received is impossible to be handled and extracted due to time-consuming and high expenses. Therefore, this project is proposed to develop a computer vision system for real-time human detection and tracking using optical flow algorithm.

Human will be identified and tracked with classifier with the features extracted by the human descriptor. Human behaviors will be analyzed and interpreted based on video frames obtained from the observer (camera). Raspberry Pi 3 board is selected to develop and implement detection and tracking and FAVORIOT middleware will be used as a communication media that allows all data from IoT end device to be uploaded and used as administration references.

[Note: This project is being done by UPM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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