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You are very interested in IoT and also IR 4.0 but just don’t know where and how to start. Check this Blog to learn and discover the basics of IoT/IR 4.0 including the basic steps and tips to take that exciting journey.

Jom Pakai IoT Series

This is a video series by Dr. Mazlan Abbas that regularly talks about the IoT industry, challenges, issues, and trends. Many samples of IoT applications are also shared in a simplified manner.

IoT Tutorials

Dr. Mazlan Abbas explained about IoT in a series of video tutorials beginning with the of IoT basics. Anyone can watch these videos to easily understand how it benefits them.

TraitQuest – Workplace Gamification

In the previous article, we have published the list of Malaysian-based IR 4.0 so-called "Silent Heroes".  In this article, we will feature Leo Lee, the CEO and Founder of  TraitQuest. Tell us about your background (family and education) Leo Lee has served in various...

Building a Malaysian Own IoT Product House – Cre8IOT

In the previous article, we have published the list of Malaysian-based IR 4.0 so-called "Silent Heroes". In the midst of the continuing hype and buzz, these Founders have built their own Startups that can help the country's vision. This will be the first of many...

Alternative to WhatsApp Live Location and Tripit

What's the best way to allow your children to enjoy and have their freedom in Theme Park and yet able to monitor their safety from remote? How about the flexibility of parents who want to have a relaxing period sipping coffee enjoying the scene whilst the children...

The Best Travel Companion App for Hajj or Umrah

What're the biggest challenges in managing Millions of Pilgrims? If a person performs the pilgrimage for the first time, they will find the place to be very "foreign" and bound to get lost. If you enter the Grand Mosque of Masjidilharam and perform Tawaf or Sa'ie, you...

IoT Platform Referral Programme

FAVORIOT will be launching a Referral Programme for their Developer Community beginning January 1, 2020. Check out the Terms and Conditions below.

IoT World Meetup 2020, Kuala Lumpur

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HOW-TO – Check Your Own IR 4.0 Readiness

What's the fastest way to evaluate whether your business and operations are in the Era of IR 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0? Although you can go through the complex process of IR 4.0 Readiness Assessment, there's a simpler way to gauge in which IR your business is currently in....

IoT – The Key Technology for IR 4.0

Oct. 21, 2019 @ MaGIC - I was invited to be one of the Speakers for the event ICETIA 2019 (1st International Conference on Emerging Technology & Innovative Applications" with the theme "Enhancing Human Capital Development for IR 4.0" hosted by Geomatika and PKIBM....

What it Takes to be a Digital Leader? Journey, Experience, ​and Scenarios

October 15, 2019 - I am honored to be invited as a Guest Speaker for SME Meetup Event "The Seven Key Principles of Digital Transformation in SMEs" by a giving a Talk on "What it Takes to be a Digital Leader? Journey, Experience and Scenarios" hosted by PEOPLElogy at...

Exploring the Inte​rne​t of Things and IR 4.0

Presented an Invited Talk on "Exploring the Internet of Things and IR 4.0" attended by the young generation and enthusiasts of IoT at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), Sarawak.  @ 2.00pm – 3.30 pm, 5 October, 2019 Enjoy IoT FREE Platform with FULL Tutorials!...

IR 4.0 – To Surf or Not To Surf

I was invited for an Industrial Talk at Faculty of Computer and Mathematics, UiTM, on Oct. 11, 2019. Ask Anything About IoT - HERE Enjoy IoT FREE Platform with FULL Tutorials! Join NOW!...

IoT and IR 4.0 – Get Ready for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

Oct. 8, 2019 (UTeM, Malacca) - I was invited to give a Lecture on the topic of "IoT and IR 4.0 - Get Ready for Jobs That Exist Yet" at FKEK, UTeM . You can...

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