• What’re the biggest challenges in managing Millions of Pilgrims?
  • If a person performs the pilgrimage for the first time, they will find the place to be very “foreign” and bound to get lost.
  • If you enter the Grand Mosque of Masjidilharam and perform Tawaf or Sa’ie, you are likely to be separated from your spouse or group members.
  • During the peak of Hajj, traveling from Mecca to Arafah to Mudzalifah and Mina can be very challenging especially trying to find your buses or camps.
  • The rituals of throwing stones with thousands of people moving from one place to another can be difficult especially when the pilgrims want to return to their camps along the winding streets.
  • It is a daunting task for Travel Agents in managing their group members (Jemaah) when they wanted to announce any sudden changes in the itinerary. Imagine trying to announce new places to meet and new times to depart.
  • The Hajj Ministry and Authorities from every country wanted to know the safety of their pilgrims and their mobility pattern. In cases of emergencies, they have emergency contact numbers to call.
  • FAVORIOT, an IoT Startup from Malaysia has the solution to solve all the above problems. Recently, they have just introduced D’scover. Currently, they are seeking for 1000 Beta users to trial the app.
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