The last 100 meters of connecting IoT devices are using technologies like RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth and WiFi. But as we moved the IoT devices to the external world, there is a need to connect the Internet world that can extend the 100 meter coverage. That’s where 2G using SMS and GPRS was used due to low bandwidth and coverage. However, when many countries have closed down their 2G network, many M2M devices are now using 3G and beyond. However, these networks are still considered expensive and power-hungry.

Recently, LPWAN such as LoRA, SigFox and NB-IoT was introduced that have better power consumption and good coverage for many IoT applications. However, when 5G was commercially deployed, many thought that 5G could bring a new plethora of sophisticated IoT solutions that require low latency such as autonomous vehicles, drones, remote telesurgery. It seems that 5G can become the killer technology for IoT. But many have debated whether are we trying to justify the needs of 5G with IoT? Are we ready to deploy such sophisticated solutions widely? Or do you think the current LPWAN network is suffice to cater the current IoT needs?

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