When we talk about IoT in Universities, we tend to discuss it within the scope of academic knowledge and research. It’s true that the future IoT professionals in business and technology are being trained in Universities. However, we believed that it shouldn’t be limit to education but also a place whereby IoT can be used to improve the services on the campus. Example of IoT applications can be:

  1. Smart Library  – tracking of the library books
  2. Lecture Rooms – monitoring the comfort and safety of the classrooms especially the air-conditioning that are always being left switch on and thus increase the cost of electricity
  3. Campus transport – Allow the students to monitor the whereabouts of their transportation and the time-of-arrival
  4. Toilet monitoring – the cleanliness and the need to replenish toilet amenities
  5. Parking availability – Sometimes, the parking space on the campus is limited, and thus, to avoid any unnecessary congestion and time wasted to find available parking space
  6. Complaint management – utilizing a mobile app to identify any problem in the campus and escalate to the University’s Facility Management directly. Reports can be easily geotagged to ease the Field Force to locate them.
  7. Security – provide one-button SOS for ease of sending alerts to the Campus security

There are many applications that can be built using IoT. What are your suggestions?

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