It’s amazing how IoT can find its way to build solutions even for pets lovers. Just like humans, we track them due to two reasons – health and security. Thus, a similar solution can be built to track your pets. Tracking activity and biometric data on pets can identify possible health conditions based on their usual sleeping pattern, eating habits, respiratory rhythm, and other data. Using GPS-enabled wearables can track the whereabouts of your pets. The fear of losing your pet can be quite traumatic to some people. You can see people go to the extent of sharing their cats or dogs photos in the home community WhatsApp Group or even posters.

They are several technologies such as Bluetooth but this limits distance. WiFi can give a good location but need wireless connectivity everywhere. Using GPS and cellular can be better solution since it can cover wide coverage areas however it does consume power faster than the rest. Maybe a hybrid solution (WiFi and GPS) will be good for outdoor (GPS) and indoor (WiFi).

How does it work?

The most common device will be a collar-based GPS-cellular combination. The location will send regularly to the cloud and will be displayed on the map on the mobile phone. Maybe a geofencing can be added, the idea of sending alerts to the pet’s owner when their pet moved outside a certain boundary of their house.

What do you think? Are you willing to buy such device for your pet?

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