There are not many gems you can find in the Malaysian YouTube channels regarding technology tips. However, below are three YouTube channels which I found very fascinating and worth to be followed. Even though the videos are recorded in Malay language, the message are self explanatory. The topics covered from networking tips, new gadget tips, electronic DIY tips and many more.

Pendakwah Teknologi

Pendakwah Teknologi has garnered more than 115K subscribers within the period of 9 months (launched in Feb. 2021). It’s one the favorite YouTube channels by many Malaysians because it showed many tips of how to increase the Internet speed and get better network quality of service. It’s very popular due to the demand of speed especially during the Covid-19 lockdown in Malaysia. The channel is hosted by Adil Hidayat Rosli, a telecommunications expert and a popular YouTuber.

MatGyver Official

If you wonder that MacGyver and MatGyver is the same thing, you might be correct. MatGyver is the Malaysian version of MacGyver, a TV Hero that can turn anything in his hands into some tools. MatGyver videos are focused on DIY made easy.

If you are into finding tips how to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro.bit and many more, you can check the tons of tips and projects the host, Idris Zainal Abidin, have recorded in this Channel. He has been consistently updating his videos very regularly.

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