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If the current social media is where we can share our thoughts, emotions, plans, activities, etc., then why not the “Things” which we connect to the Internet? They have sensors too just like us. Now, imagine if the IOT devices have a way to send their status and socialise with their own “thoughts”, “emotions”, “activities” as the humans? Don’t you think it’s about time they have their own “Facebook of Things“?

Why Things need their own Facebook?

  1. Status Updates – When assets or things are being monitored, we must find away what’s their current status.
  2. Sharing of Status – It’s important to share with their so-called “masters” or “owners of assets.”
  3. Send notifications – Any changes to their condition (either good or bad, needs to be updated). It will be awesome if the things can post or check-in their location too.
  4. Stream status feeds – Live feeds of their “stories” can be stream continuously.
  5. Generate their Closed User Groups or Communities – Some data are also private which can only be shared with their “groups” or “owners”.

What other points do you think the similarities of these “Things” and us the “Humans” when socialising?

Would you love to design a new social media for Things? Why not becoming the Next Zuckerberg or Twitter of Things?

We have an example, whereby thousands of sensors (smartphones) posted their “sensing data” to a Facebook account, check CitiAct Alert Facebook Page.

[Original article – “WHAT? Facebook of Things?“]

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader and CEO of REDtone IOT. You can reach him on LinkedIn at or Twitter at . For further details, check out


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