Monetise.pngCommercial IOT sensors installed on lampposts across the city by any company who wishes to provide IOT services. These sensors are capable of gathering temperature, light, pressure, humidity and pollution.

There is the possibility of creating a new business model by way of monetising the sensor data. One scenario could be as such:

  • The city would pay for access to the light sensors to decide when to turn on and off the street lights
  • A university may want access to the pollution information for research purposes for a limited period
  • The weather department would want the temperature and pressure data
  • The street town council center would want the temperature and humidity data for planning during rough weather

009c1d8There is also a possibility to do two kinds of analytics – local analytics (each sensor itself) or aggregated analytics (sensor data blending from various sources).

Few challenging questions about this new approach to making sensing-as-a-service.

  • Do you think this concept will work?
  • Do you think people will pay for the data?


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