How Transparent You want To Be?

Transparency allows the customers and people inside the company gather more information about what’s happening inside the business, be it about pricing or the status of the asset. As for productivity, it helps to automate decisions or make decisions faster.

It’s easy to see how too much transparency can send jitters to some group of people or how pushing productivity eliminates jobs, that in turn may cause social issues.

Let’s see how examples of transparency can effect some jobs or people:

  • The recklessness of the bus drivers
  • The garbage trucks that never follow their routes
  • The postal items that seems to “disappear” or “unrecorded”
  • Shoplifting that goes undetected
  • Who wastes the electricity in the office
  • Who dumps rubbish or chemicals into the river
  • Why pipe leaks are left unattended
  • Security alertness level
  • Schoolchildren playing truants
  • ….and many more

And of course, once you know who’s the cause of the problems, you can either fired or replace the person that’s responsible for the mess. But does it mean implementing IoT is a bad idea? If you noticed that most countries that have successfully implemented IoT are countries that are willing to be more transparent and open. They have made their government data Open to public to view. Transparency is key to IoT implementation because it will translate to productivity.

However, we need to walk carefully and slowly because there’s a lot of “land mines” as you go through these things otherwise you can kind of mess up and destroy the opportunity. We will see a lot of resistance, either from the other companies you have to partner with or from the reluctant end users . When there’s a lot of inertia, only then you get some pretty high levels of adoption. A lot of trials are required before you get the new business models work right for everyone.

How about your company? Do they share what’s going on inside the company? Do they share with the public?

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader and CEO of REDtone IOT. You can reach him on LinkedIn at or Twitter at . For further details, check out

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