Who Will Take Care of the Elderly?

KUALA LUMPUR (April 5, 2017)Newage Care Home is a company that has been enhancing the lives of seniors. They understand seniors, their variety of needs and what it takes to provide unsurpassed proper care to each one.

To enhance the quality of life of the seniors, Newage Care Home partners with FAVORIOT, an IOT Company from Malaysia to explore ways on how Internet of Things could provide a safer, more secure and better health monitoring.

Never in human history have so many live so long. Data suggests that if we reach 65 years of age, it’s likely we live to 85. People are living longer, and we are having fewer babies. But living longer doesn’t mean we will live healthier. Fewer children also mean less chances for the old parents to be taken care by their own children especially when they are busy working.

Newage Care Home’s vision is to develop a world-class senior citizen healthcare and hospitality complex. Thus, the partnership with FAVORIOT provides them with better insights on how the latest IOT technology can help their customers.

IMG_0026.JPGProf. Dr. Zahidul Haque, Chairman of Newage Care Home & Advisor of International Board of Medicine & Surgery (IBMS), says, “The objective of the collaboration between FAVORIOT and Newage Care Home is to make a better Senior Citizen Healthcare. FAVORIOT brings the necessary IOT expertise and their powerful IOT platform that can connect various health sensors. Newage Care Home provides a perfect complement to the wellness services and assistance residents receive from life care center and home care services through a network of preferred providers who agree to follow our best practices in elderly people care.”

My Photo-13.pngDr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO and Co-Founder, FAVORIOT, adds, “We are continuously enhancing FAVORIOT’s IOT platform for health by integrating different sensors and analytics. The partnership with Newage Care Home will provide us an excellent ground for refining the solution that suits senior care.”

“Live Alone But Not Left Alone”

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