Trity Technologies Sdn Bhd in collaboration with FAVORIOT will be offering an IoT-Made-Easy with Favoriot and Scilab IoT Module training on Oct. 9, 2017. This course is developed to make the learning of IoT fun, high-level level programming language which is easily learned but yet powerful to produce a fast prototype of an IoT project.

Below is the course outline:

Getting Started with Scilab for IoT

  • Introduction to IoT, from the “things” to the middleware.
  • Understanding REST API and JSON.
  • How Scilab could fit into the subdomains of IoT
  • Interaction with FAVORIOT
  • Hands-on practical 1: Software installation on PC
  • Hands-on practical 2: Understanding API by example.

Sensors and Devices in IoT

  • Introduction on the “Thing”
  • Turning Arduino into a DAQ as a fast prototype (No coding in Arduino involved)
  • Hands-on practical 3: Building a prototype of Smart Sensor with Scilab.

Sending Data to the Cloud

  • Getting data from sensors and send the data to the cloud
  • Hands-on practical 4: Connecting Arduino to Scilab and using Scilab as the station to upload the data to FAVORIOT

Getting Data from the Cloud

  • Getting data from FAVORIOT with Trity’s Scilab IoT module
  • Hands-on practical 5: Using Trity’s Scilab IoT module to extract the data uploaded to the FAVORIOT previously

 Project: Building A Simple IoT System with Scilab and FAVORIOT

To obtain details of the course (fee, location and etc.), kindly obtain a registration form by email

Provide them with your name, organization & mobile contact number.

You may also call Trity Technologies at +603-80637737 or fill up their Training Enquiry form.

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