FAVORWATCH Mobile App is now on Google Playstore


Favorwatch is an elderly care solution that allows elderly people to live alone with constant supervision remotely.

The Favorwatch mobile application shows all the relevant information of the wearer such as the pulse rate, location, steps, blood pressure, ECG, fall detection and others. The vital parameters are monitored and displayed on the app and it depends on the type of watch features that the wearer wears.

Users can view all the latest information and the historical data in a rich graphical representation. The app also displays all the alerts such as when a fall is detected, a wearer goes out of boundaries and others. These are important so that quick action can be taken if any untoward incidents happen.

The main user can also make some changes such as the height and weight of the wearer, create the fence for detecting if the wearer goes out of the range and setting the authorized number for sending alerts and messages. A view only login code can be generated by the main use that can be shared with others.

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