conducted another IoT Workshop with hands-on using FAVORIOT Platform (Oct. 20-21, 2017). The 2-day workshop is conducted at UniSZA Besut Campus.

FAVORIOT also offered very affordable rates (as low as RM 100 per year) for a Beginner who wanted to use an IoT middleware to connect their sensors. This platform will allow users to develop IoT prototype in a very short time.

MyDuino can also offer the FAVORIOT IoT workshop at customer’s premises.

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This is our effort to increase more IoT talents in Malaysia. Our training partners have been aggressively conducted several workshops nationwide. For those that feel can start doing their hands-on independently can check the full documentation at Favoriot’s website.

Contents of the Workshop

Getting Started with Favoriot IOT Platform:
1. Getting Started with Favoriot Platform.
2. Understand Favoriot Hierarchy and JSON Data Format.
3. Create Project, Application, Group and Device.
4. Favoriot REST API & MQTT.
5. REST API Testing with Postman.
6. Create Graph on Favoriot.
7. Create Email & SMS Rules on Favoriot.

Getting Started with NodeMCU:
1. Getting Started with NodeMCU.
2. Install CP2102 USB Driver.
3. Install ESP8266 Library.
4. Read Humidity & Temperature Sensor.
5. Setting Up WiFi Connection.
6. Create JSON Data Format.
7. Update DHT11 to Favoriot Data Stream using REST API.

Integration of Favoriot MQTT, MQTT Client and NodeMCU:
1. What is MQTT.
2. Understanding Favoriot MQTT Protocol.
3. MQTT Testing with MQTT.fx on Desktop.
4. MQTT Testing with IoT MQTT Dashboard on Android.
5. Install MQTT Library on NodeMCU.
6. Setting Favoriot MQTT Protocol on NodeMCU.
7. Update DHT11 to Favoriot Data Stream using MQTT.
8. Control LEDs with MQTT Client App.

Below are some interesting IoT projects that students can develop further:

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