Taylor’s University has improved its standing among universities in Asia by 29 places to break into the top 150 position, as announced by QS Asia University Rankings today. Taylor’s is also listed in the top 1 percent of universities in Asia, an outstanding achievement and an important milestone for the University.

Dr. Mohsen Nabipoor (Programme Director – Electric & Electronic Engineering) from School of Engineering shared his IoT Projects using FAVORIOT platform.

(1) An IOT Tyre Management system.


Photo Credit – Unsplash

The device reads truck’s ID as well as individual tyres’ pressure and tread depth and uploads them to the FAVORIOT cloud. An Android app will read data from the cloud, displays the data and creates proper notifications based on the data.

(2) An IOT breath sensor.


Photo Credit – Unsplash

The device measures human breathing pattern and rate and sends the data to FAVORIOT cloud. The data will be retrieved and processed by the server to diagnose possible respiratory problems.

(3) An IOT Air Conditioning system


Photo Credit – Pixabay

The device measures few parameters such as the electrical power, refrigerant pressure as well as the pressure drop across the filter and sends them to the FAVORIOT cloud. An app will analyze the data and creates proper notifications for maintenance of the unit and filter. It also compares the data with similar units installed elsewhere to provide the comparison results to the user or the manufacturer.

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