Here’s some the wishlist I collected so far:

(1) A directory of all IOT company & startups and products in Malaysia (2) An app using IoT that can decide on what developers can and should or should not be done in a township or local area.” – Rajendran

I wish that relevant gov. agency will provide financial assistance for local IoT Device Makers (commercial type, not hobbies or hackton type) to develop, certify, manufacture locally made IoT End Devices that connect to Malaysia own middleware such as FAVORIOT, and local clients/startup use this device & platform to create #ConnectedSolutions, I understand the invention will be expensive , the specification will not be top notch, but in time our local device maker will become mature, device quality, performance will become world quality and remember the money keep circulating internally.” – Pathmanathan Muniandy.

Need projects to fund the ecosystem.” – Tzer Man.

Intelligent Traffic Controller using Fuzzy Neural Expert System inside a vehicle, avoid an accident, brake automation even at high speed.Aziz Shah Sulaiman.

The city of tomorrow requires collaboration across every layer of the public, private sector and government agencies. By digitizing our mindset with cutting-edge technology like FAVORIOT platform, we believe this group is further evolving our commitment to pursue and created a technology that provides wider reliable coverage, safe, more usable capacity and scalability, full-featured value, and decades of network longevity in Kuala Lumpur and across every community in Malaysia.” – Aizat

The whole engineering education should evolve by having seamless integration between hardware & software without differentiating between engineering and computing using IoT.” – Noor Iziddin

Remote acquisition, signal conditioning, immersive computing such as AR and VR, embedded system running machine language algorithm ..are a necessity for industrial IoT development.” – Mohamad Safri Mohd Dali (JTMi)

If you want your wishlist to be submitted here, please in the following form:

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