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Generally, this project is about the smart home system with an implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and monitoring using the Favoriot platform. The data that is monitored, will be used by the system to learn about the surrounding especially the household’s needs. Hence it could help the household in making the decision at a certain time and situation if necessary. This project, in general, will cover on hardware and software part. For hardware part, there are some components installation and testing such as sensors and microcontroller. While software part, the code will be written specifically for the selected microcontroller.

The idea of the smart home system came to optimize the life satisfaction of the household in order to achieve their dream livings. This smart home system will address two main elements which are; comfort control and home security.

For the comfort control. there are several physical parameters that will be measured for this project, which are temperature, lighting and air quality since these three parameters are very crucial in comfortability. LM 35 is used to sense the temperature. Same goes for the lighting and air quality, the sensors that were used are LDR photoresistor and MQ 135 respectively. Each sensor then being programmed due to its comfort level reading. For example, temperature (250C -300C), humidity (30%-50%), and lighting (500 lux, lumen/m2).

For the home security system, the PIR motion sensor is implemented in several places (door) to detect the motion and alert the owner. Every motion in front of the door, enter and exit will notify the owner. So that owner will always alert and able to forecast their house’s condition.

In completing the data monitoring part, internet of thing element is implemented in this project. ESP 8266 will be used to make sure the system is connected to the Internet. The Favoriot platform will be connected to the project’s system once the internet connection has been established. Data could be transferred and monitored thru the connection. From there, people can analyze the data of each parameter that is measured. The data will then notify the owner by using notification media that is provided by the Favoriot.

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[Note: This is a project by USIM student, Muhammad Amirul Ashraf bin Zaharudin for his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Final Year Project in Univ Sains Islam Malaysia. His project Supervisor is Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Seman]

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