After the release of Malaysia National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework, a lot of confusion about the term Industry 4.0 because of the document limit only to the Manufacturing sector. The Germans call it Industrie 4.0. The Americans call it Connected Enterprise, and the British call it the 4th Industrial Revolution. Don’t be surprised, the confusion will not stop there. You will hear a lot more about new terms such as:

  • Technology 4.0
  • Revolution 4.0
  • Innovation 4.0
  • Disruption 4.0

What’s exactly “Disruption 4.0”? To understand this, we need to understand the impact of First, Second and Third Industrial Revolution.

Disruption 1.0 – The impact of the whole industry when we introduce steam engine and horse-power. It disrupts the way companies manufacture products previously by just using man-power.

Disruption 2.0 – The impact when electricity is being introduced. It’s more environmentally friendly and production becomes mass.

Disruption 3.0 – Automation using IT database and Internet. We are seeing higher productivity and more efficient in managing logistics.

Disruption 4.0 – Here’s where we see multiple technologies (termed as Technology 4.0) such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Internet of Things and much more combined which disrupts the way we conduct business. From product-based to service-based and finally to the outcome-based economy. We are also seeing many industries leverage each other to give better value to the end-user. Imagine when a taxi that used to be driverless can fly (very revolutionary transportation and termed as Revolution 4.0). Traveling will no longer be using our own cars but it’s just a method of requesting to reach a particular destination within a specified time (outcome-based and termed as Innovation 4.0).

The Year 2018 will be going an exciting year for Industry 4.0 or 4th Industrial Revolution when everyone wants to “Ride/Surf the Tsunami 4.0“. That’s really a Disruption 4.0. Get it?

(Note: If anyone wonders what on earth are the rest of Technology 1.0 or Revolution 2.0 or Innovation 3.0 really meant… well.. they can define that starting from First Industry Revolution to Third Industry Revolution. Can you guess?)

  • First Industrial Revolution – Technology 1.0, Revolution 1.0, Innovation 1.0
  • Second Industrial Revolution – Technology 2.0, Revolution 2.0, Innovation 2.0
  • Third Industrial Revolution – Technology 3.0, Revolution 3.0, Innovation 3.0

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