December 26, 2018 (Kuala Lumpur)– FAVORIOT recently collaborated with Equonix Techlab from Delhi to further spur the Internet of Things ecosystem in India.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT, said “IoT is borderless, the country which emphasizes on building the right talents in the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Internet of Things among others will be in a great position to be a global player. Such talents are rare and we need to build them quickly. Our FAVORIOT IoT Middleware allows the creation of IoT Ecosystem. We are happy to work with Equonix that is keen to expand this to the global market via their #BillionLearners Program.

Tanmoy Deb, CEO, and Founder of Equonix Techlab said:

0.jpegAcademia: Great Initiative. While the IoT as Industry is growing worldwide but the academic front is still very primitive. The industry needs skilled Full Stack Engineers who are enabled in Rapid Product Development. For solving this we have been working actively skill development in the Indian market. We always look for an innovative solution which can enable people better way. FAVORIOT can serve as a single platform which anyone can learn and use it for commercial grade IoT Applications development.

Developers: FAVORIOT is like Rapid Development Framework for IoT devices. It poses itself as feature-rich middleware. Now IoT product developers can focus on Rapid Prototyping very easily. They don’t have to setup Cloud Framework, MQTT clients every time they start. In this approach, the product development lifecycle also gets reduced in a significant percentage. IoT engineers can focus more on the business logic implementation, while they have to put more time on infrastructure earlier.

Entrepreneurs: The IoT entrepreneurs can get immense benefit from this available Cloud Infrastructure. They can now focus on faster ready to market strategy, even can scale their MVP to the Beta version in the same platform. They don’t have to worry about cloud migration compatibility issues every time they bring the new device, bring new business logic. This can be a great support for them.


FAVORIOT is a Malaysian IoT Startup that offers various IoT solutions including RAQIB that monitors the most important of an individual – health, and safety. It has been used to monitor Pilgrims performing their Hajj and Umrah. It also provides a Peace of Mind for the family members when their loved ones are performing pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Equonix Tech Lab offers design, development and integration services in advanced embedded technology to solve complex challenges for clients around the world, providing them the advantage of top of the line technologies, superior performance and faster time­-to-­market options. Favoriot offers their IoT middleware for training and project development.

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