REACT Native helps you create real and exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript only, which is supportable for both android and iOS platforms. Just code once, and the REACT Native apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms which helps to save development time. Found a great popularity and also backed by Facebook, REACT Native, has a huge community support today. React Native is built on top of ReactJS which has given a huge competition to the long time favorite, AngularJS

Check out the Step-by-step tutorial (courtesy of Lintang Wisesa) on how to create a simple Android app using React Native, that can POST/GET data to/from Favoriot data stream. Favoriot is an IoT platform by Dr. Mazlan Abbas from Malaysia, developed to helps developers in integrating sensors & actuators on the internet, collecting & storing data from IoT devices, also building vertical applications without worry about the hosting.

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