Sept. 24, 2019 – We are constantly working to improve your experience using Favoriot Platform. Favoriot Platform v2.0 consists of enhancements, bug fixes, and some new features. All the improvements are listed below. 

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New Friendly User Interface

  • A new user interface with easy to navigate and faster response
  • Mobile Friendly

Main Page

  • List number of devices and device details 
  • The total data for each device and recent data are displayed accordingly
  • API limit on the main page – shows the total API limit and current API usage
  • SMS usage (if SMS is purchased). *SMS is for Malaysian number for now

Create New Hierarchy

  • Add a new hierarchy by just providing a project and device name. Project, Application, Group, and device will be automatically created without the user going through each level and create it manually one by one

Data Streams

  • Remove selected data streams or all data streams
  • Export data in csv and json format
  • Real-time data update on the data stream page

Graphboard and Graphs

  • Graphboard is an organized collection of graphs that have data plotted based on the specified device that the user has selected
  • Create new graphs with better visualization
  • Publish graph for public view with auto-generated URL
  • Real-time data update on the graphs


  • Send alerts to a mobile number using SMS
  • Set the limit of alerts to send and reset after the limit is reached

Profile Page

  • Upload personal image
  • Self-payment method for upgrading the account and to purchase SMSes. (For now, SMS service is only for Malaysian mobile number)
  • View transaction details
  • Download each successful transaction receipt

Alert Notifications

  • Users get alert if API usage reaches 90%. Other alerts will be added later. Browser support includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

New Protocol

  • CoAP protocol is now supported by the platform


  • The map shows active devices with recent data. User can change the device status in Devices page
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