What inspired you to enter your field? 

I have always been attracted to technology. As a child I enjoyed science fiction themed movies with robots and technology. My ambition at the time was to be a scientist. I am not a scientist but I have been working in the technology area for many years. My career moved from academics to the technology and telecommunication sector. Both telecommunications and R&D are fast moving industries. I love areas in which technological change is fast paced, where I have the opportunity to innovate and create new things. Our company is based on a vision to improve the daily lives of the society. It is from this vision that we came up with Raqib, a remote that monitors the safety and health of senior citizens. This is especially useful to the elderly who live alone. It is one of the first projects and we feel it will be beneficial to senior citizens. I got involved as an entrepreneur knowing that we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Full article – HERE

Thanks to Careelah for the interview.

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